analeptic Medicine

analeptic Medicine
analeptic Medicine [ˌanə'lɛptɪk]
adjective restorative, especially through stimulating the central nervous system.
noun an analeptic drug.
C16: via late L. from Gk analēptikos.

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  • analeptic — (adj.) 1660s, restorative, strengthening (in medicine), from Gk. analeptikos restorative, from analambanein to receive, take up in one s hands (see ANALEMMA (Cf. analemma)). Related: Analeptical (1610s) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Analeptic — An analeptic, in medicine, is a restorative, or remedies proper to restore the body, when wasted or emaciated by disease or hunger. An example is Pimadin, an anti curare analeptic drug.Today the term refers to a central nervous system stimulant …   Wikipedia

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